Welcome to the Hypno Dojo!

This site is all about providing continuing education to Hypnotherapists and students of Hypnotherapy. I have taught Hypnotherapy certification classes since 2004 and recognize that there is always more to learn in this fascinating field. Whether it is more techniques to help a client with specific goals, marketing and business practices or individual coaching to help identify what will help your practice thrive, I've got your back.


Currently I am in course creation mode and could really use your help! I want to focus on creating courses that are exactly what you need and want! Can you help me out? There's something fantastic in it for you!

Sign up below and you will be directed to a quick poll that will help me identify the material you most want. In exchange for your help,  will give you 10 scripts in 10 days! I will also keep you updated as new courses, workshops and products are created.

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