I have seen many therapists and hypnotherapists fail in business because they made the following mistakes:


  • They didn't think as entrepreneurs.

  • They felt guilty charging for their sessions.

  • They felt it wasn't "spiritual" or generous to charge their clients 

  • They didn't value their services

  • They lacked confidence

  • They lack perseverance

  • They lacked a business vision.

  • They lacked a plan for their business

  • They gave away the goods for free


Because of these mistakes:

  • They had a hard time finding clients

  • Clients didn't feel confident in their ability

  • Clients didn't return, would cancel sessions and didn't' refer.

  • They didn't make money from their clients.

  • They eventually gave up !


This is a real shame! You were drawn to doing hypnotherapy because you wanted to help people. But you are also in business for yourself.


We know from our study of hypnosis and the mind that whatever is taking place  on a  subconscious level runs the show. It doesn't matter how beautiful your website is or how much skill you have as a hypnotherapist, If your head is not "in the game", if you lack confidence, self worth or an entrepreneurial mindset, your business simply will not succeed!

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